Dead River Joins Partners for Biathlon

Aroostook County – Dead River Company, a one hundred and six year old family-owned energy company, has stepped forward to support the Nordic Heritage Center as a local sponsor of the 2016 Biathlon World Cup, hosted by NHC from February 11 through 14.

IBU World Cup 8 will be hosted in Aroostook County by the Nordic Heritage Center as the next to last in a series of nine stops on the 2015-2016 international circuit, and the only stop in the United States. Teams and visitors from the participating nations are expected to arrive in Aroostook County in early February and depart the region on February 15.

Upwards of 300 of the world’s top male and female biathletes, ages 20 and over, from more than 32 countries are expected to be in Aroostook County for the competition. The biathletes will participate in six competitions at the Nordic Heritage Sport Center venue: sprint, pursuit, and relay in both men’s and women’s divisions.

Event Director Jane Towle said, “Dead River Company has been a dedicated partner of Nordic Heritage Center and has always come to the table with support when we host these large events.”

According to Towle, Dead River Company is aware of the impact the event has on the local community and its economy. “They understand how a successful event such as this creates high visibility of our region nationally and internationally, and increases brand awareness of the Nordic Heritage Center in the biathlon world,” said Towle. “We thank Dead River Company for their willingness to play an important role in helping Nordic Heritage Center achieve this recognition.”

“Dead River Company has deep Maine roots—literally” said Deanna Sherman, President of Dead River Company. “We were born on the banks of the Dead River. We understand the benefits and challenges of living in Northern Maine. We’re proud to support the Nordic Heritage Center. The 2016 IBU World Cup will bring hundreds of the world’s top biathletes, along with their support staff from more than 30 countries, to the northern Maine region. This event will not only shine a spotlight on this beautiful community but will also bring great economic benefit to the region.”

In addition to the generous sponsorship support provided by Dead River Company, the organization also contributes their expertise to the world-class event. Transportable heaters, used to provide warmth to volunteers, athletes and competitors in tents used for foodservice and other key activity at the Nordic Heritage Center venue, are serviced by technicians from the company.

“Dead River Company truly believes that when people work together, great things are possible”, said Deanna Sherman, President of Dead River Company. “If every Maine business, large, small, or in between, made a commitment to participate in and give back to their community, imagine what could be done. We’re proud to once again support the Nordic Heritage Center and we look forward to an exciting event that will have world audiences coming to explore northern Maine’s remarkable natural resources.”IMG_3606

Mark Wilcox (left), area manager for Dead River Company, receives one of the “bomber-style” hats that will be worn by volunteers working outside at the Nordic Heritage Center during the 2016 IBU Biathlon World Cup from Jane Towle, event director. Joining Wilcox and Towle are (left to right) Steve Towle, event manager, Nancy Fletcher and Lori Samiya, volunteer coordinators, and Leigh Smith, arrivals and departures.